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We service and repair garage door springs and replace broken springs!

A garage door spring converts the extension and conversion energy into a lifting force to offset the weight of the garage door so that it will open smoothly and easily. Without the springs your garage door is not going to open very easily. Thus, if your garage door is hard to open you need to call Valuemax to adjust the springs or possibly replace them. You may cause greater damage to your garage door if you try to use your garage door while your garage door spring is broken or out of adjustment. Instead, call us today at 1-408-786-5024 or toll-free at (866)575-9050. We have other nearby offices in Sunnyvale, Campbell, Milpitas, Mountain View, Santa Clara, Palo Alto, and the San Francisco Bay area as well. Valuemax Garage Door Repair San Jose is the answer to all your garage door needs.

Valuemax San Jose garage door springs are manufactured to provide our customers with many years of garage door cycles. Every time a garage door opens and closes the garage door springs counterbalance the weight of the garage door to make it open and close easily. This means the garage door springs store the tension to lift a heavy garage door evenly to reduce the human strain. Realize that older springs can go out of adjustment and eventually become brittle and weak. Your garage door springs can even break. If a spring breaks be sure to replace both springs at the same time. You want to call Valuemax Garage Door Repair San Jose hopefully before a spring breaks. Remember that you need a trained technician from Valuemax San Jose to analyze your garage door repair situation to adjust or replace your garage door springs. Most definitely do not attempt to replace garage door springs yourself if a spring breaks, . Call our San Jose Garage Door Repair at our local number 1-408-786-5024 or toll free at 1-866-575-9050 for all garage door spring replacements. You can reach us at any hour in an emergency.

Valuemax prides itself on professional, reliable workmanship twenty-four seven for every need and garage door emergency. Give your business to our locally owned and operated company that has built our reputation one satisfied San Jose customer at a time. Our reputation follows us for being the best garage door repair company in the area to service all of your garage door repair spring replacement needs. It does not matter what make or model. We stock and replace San Jose garage door springs that either meet or exceed the garage door industry standard for life, dependability, and performance.

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